Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

I was looking for a portable air conditioner rather than a window unit because the windows in my office were too small to accept a window air conditioner.

It was important that the portable cooled as well as the window units and were about the same price. I reviewed several places and found that Amazon has many to choose from including air cooling portables.

In reviewing all of the possibilities and reading USERS comments, these were the top 4 Portable Air Conditioners I found.┬áThere is also 1 Portable Air Cooling Unit which looks good as far as price, but just isn’t as good as an Air Conditioner and it is here in case you are thinking about buying one of them; be sure to read those USERS comments.

When you get to the Amazon page, be sure to click on the last line to the right of the image┬áthat says something like “5 New from $500.00” to see the best price + shipping.

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